Eye of The Zucc

Object name: Eye of The Zucc – it’s a weird spere made of light and it loves and lives off your personal data. Sketch:

Object description:

It’s a great honor for me to be an official representative of Facebook at Precompression Kyiv!

Facebook is a platform created to bring the world closer together. Our mission is to make the world more connected. Connect with friends, family and other humans you know. Share photos and videos, send data and get updates!Facebook is like tota҉l҉l҉y҉ ҉c҉o҉o҉l҉,҉ ҉a҉m҉ ҉I҉ ҉r҉i҉g҉h҉t҉?҉  You can share your datas˜”*°•.˜”*°• there with other h u m a n s and everybody like share your data •°*”˜.•°*”˜ and it’s cool right? Don’t you just love ѕнαяιηg уσυя ∂αтα? ? ⋆ ? ? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???? ???? ??????? ? ? ⋆ ?♘? ᗪ?Ⓝ’? ?๏ù ℓᵒ?? ????丨S? ??? ς?ℕ Ⓢ??đ ⓣᕼ?? ?? ⓨ?υʳ  ?☮ f r 1 e n d s – wow cool! XD We-re connectifying peoples t҉o҉g҉e҉t҉h҉e҉r҉ ҉s҉o҉ ҉c҉o҉o҉l҉ ҉r҉i҉g҉h҉t҉?҉ ҉Connecting the world better place!! ?? ????! ????? ???? ????. ????? you for your feedback, we’re ҉v҉e҉r҉y҉ ҉c҉o҉n҉c҉e҉r҉n҉e҉d҉ about your privacy and making our platform s⃣ a⃣ f⃣ e⃣ p⃣ l⃣ a⃣   c⃣ e⃣ for everyb⃣ o⃣ d⃣ y⃣! ♗? ??卂яέ ?A??? ?υΜ卂NŜ ℓØν?!! ℃??Ec?Ⓣ т?є ?尺lⓓ ώẸ ᵃRє! c?ή?℃丅?几g Ć?ες?Ⓘ?? ᛕ??έ?Ŧ丨?? Tн? ᕼ?мa?s ⓌᗝяŁ∂ ʸ??Ĥ! ?? ⓧ๔ ?ᗪ ⛵?♗҉�҉�҉ ҉ ҉�҉�҉�҉�҉卂҉я҉έ҉ ҉�҉�҉A҉�҉�҉�҉�҉�҉�҉ ҉�҉�҉υ҉Μ҉卂҉N҉Ŝ҉ ҉ℓ҉Ø҉ν҉�҉�҉!҉!҉ ҉℃҉�҉�҉�҉�҉E҉c҉♤? ?ί?ᗷẸ? ʲA?я? ŞᎥŇᗪ e?nε ҜⓊ?žⓔ z?เ?, ??? в尺?ᑕⓗ?e?? ???єⓈ ??ⓝ?єℓᑎ?Ň м€ภ??ᕼĹ?ς卄ᗴη ⓝ?Ⓡ?คĹ?n

LẸвᗴภѕ – ??ηε ?ε??ᑎ?? ?ά?ᗰ ?M l?๒Ⓔ? 乇?ⓝᗴ? ?ᵒℓ??ⓢ. ⓤηᗪ ᵈ?ςн Ş?Ħ乇ᎥⓝẸ几 ᵈⓘⓔ h?ή?E? ??? Ļ????ภ๔Ⓔ? şⓘ乇ᵇέ几 ?ค?ᖇ? ?äภⒼ?г Z? 丂ᵉ?n ά?? ⓋĮ??? ĴᗩⒽя?є???ᵉ Ⓓ?я Ⓥ?RǤ?Ňg?几?e??. 丨ᶰ ?ᕼℕ?? ?Δ?ⓛ? 丂I匚Ĥ ?ᑌ?คϻ爪?Ⓝ έĮᑎ ?г?ßẸ? ??ѕⓒℍ?℃??ℓ丨ς卄Eş έℝ?eвⓃĮ?: Dᶤє ?ιᵉ∂eⓡⒶ?ғєŘⓈ???ยηĞ ?丨NεⓇ νo? ??? ?ᗴ?ⓝᶤᑕ?丅u?Ꮆ ???ŕ?Ⓗ丅єη ??T?ᵒ?. eᎥ?? ⓊήєŇ????ℍ εг??ģ?ι???ⓘĆ卄? Ƶ???, ?ιⓔ ⓤ??, ?丨? ω?Ř ??e ?ιℂ?Ŧ η?尺 €ŘŁᗴ๒ẸŇ, s?ηⓓ€яᑎ ⓩ?? ??ⓘⓁ ?ᵉⓢтคⓁⓉ?ⓝ ᗪυ???έŇ, M?Ňςн乇? ?αㄥ KÃ?? üв????Ⓘ?кβ?Ř ?υ Ŝ€ί几 ᔕᑕ???ᑎ?.  ♧?



Contact: facebook.com/nine.cans.of.ravioli

Author: Roman Fomov


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