Precompression Kyiv: Dreams of AI

(No Spectators, only Participants)

Precompression Kyiv – Ukraine’s first official regional Burning Man event – will take place on May 26th. Event organizers: everyone looking for radical self-expression.

Precompression is one of reunion events for the local burner community, showcasing art projects, and guided by the 10 principles.

Precompression Kyiv 2018

This year, Burning Man’s art theme is “I, Robot”. Since Precompression is in a way a preparation for the week in Black Rock City, we decided to channel our collective creative energy into this future and chose a similar theme mimicking a Ukrainian proverb “AI Dumkoyu Bagatiye” (or Dreaming of AI).  

We envision Kyiv Precompression as a white room, which participants can fill with their most daring ideas. We only somewhat define the direction – music act, talk, performance, art object, art installation.

location is VDNG pavilion #13, Art-Residency. Some part of the money raised from the entrance fee will go to reconstruction budget of the building.

Buying your ticket is not enough to participate in the Precompression. Participation is one of Burning Man’s most important principles, inviting everyone to contribute to the event in their unique artistic way, and shine (no sarcasm).
The size of each participant’s contribution to the organization of the event does not matter, the most important is the fact of participation.

Similar to Burning Man, Precompression does not allow corporate sponsorship or advertising. There’s an entrance fee, and all the money will be used to cover direct expenses and art grants. To participate in the Precompression, submit a form:

Buy the ticket

Participate as a volunteer

Facebook event

We welcome:

  • Artists, included whose ideas do not fit traditional Ukrainian art festivals, galleries and exhibitions
  • People who have never been to Burning Man, but are following (or would like to follow) the Ten principles
  • Burners
  • Everyone

For questions, email [email protected]