Precompression and Decompression are events, organized by the local Burning Man communities around the world. The Burning Man headquarters based in San Francisco needs to grant an approval for the event. This event has an official Burning Man status, and a set of goals:

  • develop local Burning Man community
  • share  Burning Man experience and promote the  10 principles in the cities with large burner communities;
  • promote the Burning Man culture and unite local artists.

Note: Precompression requires everyone’s participation. Entrance for the “visitors”  is strictly prohibited.

The theme of Precompression Kyiv 2018 is “Dreams of AI”

Burning Man’s 2018 theme is “I, Robot”. The interpretation of this theme is quite broad, and you can always read about the official vision on the main website. As Precompression is, in a way, a rehearsal of the Burning Man,  we decided to connect our event to what will be soon happening in the Nevada desert.

We base the theme of the Ukrainian community on the Ukrainian proverb trying to underline the importance of the development of the Ukrainian community specifically, however, at the same time we want to direct public creative energy towards the inevitable future.

The theme of Decompression 2018 is “U Augment US”

Why U augment US?

  • We look forward to new connections and we believe that our community will be rewarded by your presence.
  • We represent Ukraine in the US at Burning Man once again, and this year’s theme is “I, Robot”.
  • We have the ideal location, where all the walls will turn into huge screens. So everyone can project their fantastically rich inner worlds to these walls through hardware and software.

We all (U and US) will return from the magical world of the Playa enriched with new impressions, experiences, and friends.