Are you a for-profit organization?

– No. It’s anything but a business

How do you make money?

– Each of us makes a living  in their own way, but we certainly don’t make any money here

Do I need your help to go to Burning Man from Ukraine?

– No, there are thousands of ways you can get there without us.

But in case I like the Community, can I join you guys?

– Absolutely! We hope we’d love you too!

You will share all the nuts and bolts with me,  right?

– Not really. We will point you to the right sources of information and assume you’ve already read everything. I’m an artist!

– Great!. We welcome all creators, including new media artists. There are artists among us as well, so let’s talk about our joint performance using fireworks and with erotic subtext!

What is Kurenivka?

– Kurenivka is the first Ukrainian theme camp at Burning Man. One way or another, the bulk of our community contributed to bringing it to the Playa in 2017.  Back then the camp theme was Ukraine itself. In 2018, Kurenivka camp will focus on supporting Ukrainian art. Note that Kurenivka is not the only place where you can find Ukrainians on the Playa, there’s many more of us. much more in place. Come check it out.

What do you do in Ukraine, besides preparation for the next Burning Man?

– Our ambitious goal is to get our own official regional Burning Man event off the ground  – like Midburn in Israel, or Afrikaburn in South Africa. It is pretty difficult, as it requires significant participation. Not merely people with wristbands who flocked in to look at the bearded woman, but real participants. That’s why we hope that after reading these lines you will start thinking about your contribution. !

There are smaller projects as well, like throwing so-called Decompression and Precompression events, with the official status as well. We have almost locked down the date of the first Precompression. Stay tuned!