What’s going to be inside?

The greatest peculiarity of our project is that there is no specific decision-maker on what exactly should there be in Kurenivka.
Every project begins with a person or a group of people who take responsibility to bring an idea to life, choose the space and fill it with sense.

As of today we have the following projects:

  • Kurenivka Jazz Club: a music studio, a place for creativity and a union of sound producers and Kurenivka DJs.
  • Irony: metal workshops. Equipped with welder, plasma cutter, miller machines, saws, drilling machines, pipe benders and other equipment for working with any metal as well as objects of different sizes.
  • Woodpeckers: wood workshops. Equipped with saws, miller machines, laser beam machine, chisels and other carpenter tools.
  • Make me happy: industrial creativity zone with soldering machines, oscillographs, electrical equipment, 3D miller machines, 3D printers, soldering station, LED, computers, sensors and other equipment for working with microcontrollers.
  • SPA Zone: clay and ceramics workshop. Equipped with throwing wheels, molding tables, furnaces.
  • Next Big Thing: assembly ground. A big space with high ceilings for assembling oversized art-objects.
  • Kurenivka Courier: editors office of our content hub that creates text-, audio- and video-content.
  • Again!: recycling, upcycling, freecycling – this is a place for reusing of plastics, aluminum, and creating art-projects of them. Precious Plastic Community.
  • Playa: a stage equipped with a display, light, and sound for movies, concerts, theatres, shows and performances, as well as a DJ place.
  • ID Please: a zone for a pop-up bar that is open during events.
  • Eat me!: a professional kitchen zone for full board meal events servicing.
  • Sir Elton’s Locker: a tailor workshop, a place for sewing costumes, accessories, technological and architecture art-objects.

If you have an idea if any project, or if you’d like to create a workshop or a studio in Kurenivka, or maybe you would like to join one of the above mentioned projects, contact us at [email protected].