We create an environment where completely different people help each other to embody their creative ideas.

How it works?

“Kurenivka” is a cluster of people, talents and tools. We share our skills, knowledge and resources. Artists teach carpenters to draw. Carpenters teach artists to build. Makers teach carpenters to solder.

I have an idea!

As soon as you’ve got an idea – come and tell us about it. First, most likely you’ll be able to find like-minded people here to do a project together – it’s definitely more fun than doing it alone. Second, most likely we’ll have the right tool and we’ll be able to allocate a place for its implementation, and in some cases we’ll help find funding.
Anyone can become a member!
To get access to Kurenivka resources apart from desire, you’ll have to respect our 11 principles and pay the membership fee.

What projects do we like?

We honor freedom of expression and it’s not necessary we’ll be the fans of your project to give space for it, but you can count on our help if we would feel your idea is kindred to us. Among such projects: large-scale art objects, digital art and new media projects, art production and light art, the production of carnival costumes, music projects, projects from the field of sustainable life (green energy, catchment and cleaning, closed ecosystems, smart farming, aquaponics, waste processing, etc.).