Budget of PoC “Kurenivka”

Kurenivka Culture Palace is a non-profit project of the community organization “Ukrainian Burner Community.” Nevertheless, the project has a reasonably substantial expense component, which consists of:

  • Renting the space;
  • Covering bills, including electricity and heating;
  •  Back office salary (administration of location, security, cleaning, accounting);
  • IT infrastructure;
  • Depreciation of equipment, and;
  • Consumables.

Approval of the structure of the financing of the expenditure part takes place at the “Kurenivka” board meeting. On an annual basis, the organization publishes an open financial report and, whenever possible, quarterly cash-flow reports.

To timely pay bills, as well as have the means to develop and scale-up Kurenivka, the following financing principles are assumed:

  1. Membership Fees

Monthly fee of 500 UAH grants the contributor with the following rights:

  • access to Kurenivka according to the visit regulations;
  • free participation in studios, laboratories, by their internal rules and standards of access to professional equipment;
  • access to lectures/workshops/courses on a pre-paid and free-of-charge basis;
  • free entrance to parties and events within the quota for residents;
  • discounts on Kurenivka paid projects, and;
  • the annual meeting determines membership cost; and, there is also a low-income program (meaning a special price for people with low income).
  1. Donors and grants

In our community, members who can and want to make more significant contributions than 500 UAH per month are called Donors. They also receive the rights of members of the CP Kurenivka. Government grants, non-state and international organizations are also a source of funding.

  1. Parties, events, cafes, workshops, and other paid events

At this stage of development, our community has a modest resource for fulfilling its mission. Therefore, along with free activities, Kurenivka will have paid events. Kurenivka content is created by means of its participants, acting as organizers. The organizers of any paid project must comply with the “minimum 20/20/20 rule”. The structure of this rule is outlined below:

  • At least 20 tickets are allocated free-of-charge for members of Kurenivka (by “first come first serve” rule). In the case of small groups, it may be 20% of the seats;
  • at least a 20% discount is given to members of Kurenivka, and;
  • at least 20% of the profit (after deducting expenses of your project), is transferred to the fund of Kurenivka Culture Palace.

In this case, the organizers do not pay rent organizational contributions or fees. In case of a project with high electricity costs, the organizers separately pay for the project-related electricity bills.