The 11 Principles of Kurenivka

(inspired by the 10 Principles of Burning Man)

1. Radical Inclusion

Anyone may be a part of the community, become its resident or guest. We welcome and respect the stranger. There is no face control, dress-code, tests, interviews or any other limitation conditions for those who want to be a part of our community.
In situations when there is physically no space for new people we will be happy to see you as soon as a free space appears.
Radical inclusion may become a radical exclusion for those who violate the principles of the community.

Радикальне прийняття може перетворити на радикальне виключення для порушників принципів спільноти.

2. Gifting and sharing

We are looking for people who are willing to share their time, skills and resources in order to help to build a grand community together. We appreciate any contribution regardless of its financial or cultural value.

3. Decommodification. The absence of a commercial intent

Non-Governmental Organization “Ukrainian Burners Community” and the Palace of Culture “Kurenivka” are non-profitable organizations with a transparent financial reporting that is published annually based on an audit. The principle of decommodification enables us to avoid the trade of our values, culture, symbols, and preserves from the transformation of our space into a shopping mall.
Nevertheless, we should pay off the bills, as well as improve and develop our space, renovate our inventory and buy some materials. That’s why we have to work actively on fundraising which also includes running paid events.

4.Radical Self-reliance

Just as much as we like and believe in collaboration we also encourage self-reliance. Which means that everybody takes full responsibility for his or her health, projects, materials and personal belongings. Here in Kurenivka we have some professional equipment that can harm or even kill you. And you are the only one who is responsible for the following of safety instructions and for having a good time.

5. Radical Self-expression

Being yourself, self-expression and creativity are our postulates. Radical self-expression doesn’t depend on fashion and trends, and it doesn’t need any social approve. But it is prohibited to express yourself at the expense of oppression, condemnation or humiliation of other people.

6. Communal Effort

We have a lot to learn from each other. Together we can turn any huge idea into reality. That’s why our community encourages cooperation and partnership. Public space “Kurenivka” is created due to and in the name of this principle.

7. Civic Responsibility

The freedom of going about your business comes with a duty to make your contribution to the maintenance of public welfare and security. We value civic society and respect the laws of Ukraine, regardless of their imperfection. Following this principle also implies zero tolerance towards violation of safety instructions and using of illicit drugs on the territory of Kurenivka. Though we admit the right of a person to be in charge of his/her own body, violation of these principles endangers the existence of our community.
So, we will repeat these two important principles one more time: it is prohibited to drink alcohol near hazardous equipment and to take and use drugs that are forbidden by the laws of Ukraine.


8. Leaving No Trace

It’s easy: just clean up after yourself, leave your workplace, location, restroom, etc. clean. Don’t pass by the garbage. Our rule is: your garbage is my garbage. We leave a place in a cleaner condition than it was before us.

9. Participation

“Only participants, no spectators” is one of the postulates of the Burning Man culture. We believe that the transformation that happens to a person and a society is impossible without active participation. That’s why everyone is invited to work, everyone is invited to the game. Even if you represent a news media who is looking for some material, firstly you will have to participate in something.

10. Immediacy

This is the most philosophical principle of our set of rules. On one side immediacy is an ability to act according to your inner call. Sometimes, everyday life, duties, social networks draw us away from what we were dreaming about. This principle reminds us of the need not to lay your dreams away, to act now. Besides, immediacy is an ability to act without a medium: try to put aside your cell phone and live the moment.


11. Tolerance

The Burning Man culture contains 10 principles, but we think that it is really crucial for us Ukrainians at this stage of evolution to add a “Tolerance” in the list. It means to take people as they are, regardless of their gender, nationality, political views, sexual orientation, intellectual and creative abilities, the city they live in, attitude to certain historical events, art, etc. Accept them on equal terms, with no mockery or prejudice, with no criticism and condemnation. Acceptance of a person’s right on his/her own point of view is a basic value of any civilized community.