Let’s build the palace of culture “Kurenivka” together!

Imagine a new, special place appeared in Kiev. It is free from prejudice, condemnation, diktat of money and brands. It has all necessary equipment and tools for you to create any art project. Here you can organize an exhibition, your band concert or performance, present a book, arrange open night for your film or party. This place is filled with meaning and content by all its participants: musicians, artists, programmers, sculptors, designers, architects, photographers and other creatives, experienced and beginners. And most importantly: everyone can embody any creative idea here. This place is called the palace of culture «Kurenivka» and in March it will open its doors to the participants. 

You can help create the palace of culture «Kurenivka» in different ways:

1. Donate as much as you wish.

2. All repair work will be done with our own hands, so come whenever you wish to: evenings or weekends, just for an hour or two to help us build this dream space. Old furniture and tools are very welcome as well. Here’s a list what is needed if you’d like to help this way.

3. Tell your friends about our project. The more friends are in the cooler space we’ll create!

Let’s build the palace of culture “Kurenivka” together! Thank you!