Decompression Kyiv 2018

Event has passed.

U augment US

We look forward to new connections and we believe that our community will be rewarded with your presence. We all (U and US) will get the magical piece of Playa enriched with new impressions, experiences, and friends. At our first Decompression Kyiv event, we’ll focus on the diverse ways of self-expression: costumes, dances, physical and intangible art, and any sorts of participant interactions. And we are preparing a perfect space for this to happen, with 2 dance floors and powerful sound, cozy chill out with delicious tea, art gallery, lecture room, costume camp, and gift bars (of course!). Come on, join and express yourself!

Where and when

The event will be held on Nov. 3, 2018, in Kyiv, at the VDNG pavilion 13 (1 Akademika Hlushkova Ave). We start at 18:00.  Google Maps

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Decompression Kyiv 2018


The event is non-profit and funded exclusively from ticket sales. Any sponsorship is prohibited by the principles of our community.

Ticket price:
Slowpoke tickets: 600 UAH
OMG Sale: 700 UAH
Patron Ticket: 200 tickets for 1000 UAH.
Low Income: 100 UAH.
Entrance ticket – UAH 1200

Buying a ticket, you agree with the rules of Decompression Kyiv.